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What is livecode?

Livecode is a cross platform graphical high level programming language, compiler free. Download it and you'll have:

  • a complete IDE
  • Guides
  • Examples

Livecode doesn't need to compile, as soon you add elements or code, you'll see the effect immediately!

When you finished, you may export your program to any platform:

*Please note: iOS is the only not compatible with GPL license, so you'll need the commercial version of livecode

Livecode permits you to create button, fields, graphics, players with just few clicks, looks this video:

Morevover it can be used also as a server side scripting language. For example to display the date on a web page this is the code:

 <?lc put the date ?>

There are other informations on the FAQ page.

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Page last modified on December 12, 2017, at 04:05 PM