Open source Version

You may download the community and server community from:

Commercial versions

Community versions are under GPL3 license, but if you need to produce a commercial software you may download in the same page the commercial versions:

  • Community Plus, it includes:
    • iOS export only for free apps
    • You can use also closed source third party extensions.
  • Indy, it includes:
    • All the Community Plus features
    • iOS export
    • advanced camera support
    • advanced plugins
    • Max revenue $ 500,000 per year.
  • Business, it includes:
    • all the Indy features
    • no revenue limit per year
    • SFTP authentication via public key authentication
    • you are not limited by the memory available in transfers
    • ability to generate public / private key pairs suitable for use with SFTP
    • Ability to send additional raw commands along with FTP and SFTP transfers to be executed before or after the transfer completes
    • integrated PDF viewer, data extraction and manipulation
    • advanced support