LiveCode Community is an Open Source project, the first version of LiveCode Open Source was released on Tuesday 9th April 2013. This means that if you know C++, you can get right into the innards and add your own features, fixes, and enhancements. Your new features (after a careful screening process) get incorporated into LiveCode itself, making it better for everybody. If you feel that working with C++ just isn’t for you and you’ve come across a bug (nasty little critters!), we still care. We don’t expect you to do it all yourself. You can report bugs and request features in the traditional way. Find out more about how to contribute below.

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  1.   1.  Spreading the Word
  2.   2.  Helping Other Users
  3.   3.  Quality control
  4.   4.  Engine Development

1.  Spreading the Word

There are many ways you help the LiveCode OSS cause, regardless if you do or do not want to contribute to the code. The easiest way is by sharing LiveCode with others: recommend LiveCode to people and show them how to use it. Tell people why you use LiveCode. Share the joy of creating apps. As the LiveCode community grows, so does its influence and the more accepted LiveCode will become! You can spread the word by:

  • Evangelizing to your friends and family. Show them what you've made and encourage them to try it for themselves.
  • Blog about what you use LiveCode for.
  • Submit your story to us at so we can share it.
  • Share information about your app on a community site, such as 1001 Things to do with LiveCode ( )
  • Give a talk at your local school about the benefits of teaching programming with LiveCode.
  • Is there a user group in your area? If not, you might want to set one up. You can advertise your group on our forums, or organize your own one.

2.  Helping Other Users

You can make a big contribution to LiveCode by helping others get into the platform. One of the primary reasons new users come and stay with the platform is because of our active community. As the development community grows, we need more people to share that same warm welcome and be helpful, as was evident in the past. You can do this by actively participating in the following portals:

3.  Quality control

You can help us improve the quality of LiveCode by getting involved in our bug management process. In particular, there is ample opportunity to help reproduce reported bugs and get involved in fixing bugs in the source code.

The Quality Control Center is open to everyone. You can report bugs, request that bugs are assigned to you and watch the progress of bugs that are being addressed. A helpful search bar is provided at the bottom of your Quality Control Center screen. This gives you instant access to bugs you raised, bugs that were assigned to you, bugs that require investigation and bugs that are ready to go into the next release. Go to and create an account.

4.  Engine Development

Livecode uses GitHub to host the source files that make up LiveCode. This is where all the interaction with the LiveCode source files takes place. If you want to engage in making changes to LiveCode, you will need a GitHub account and to understand how to interact with GitHub. If you are only interested in obtaining an open source copy of the LiveCode files, then you can download the zipped bundle from GitHub without having to register with GitHub.

If you want to propose patches or modifications to the source directly on GitHub, you must sign a free contributors agreement. This can be found here: . Signup on site is free.